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Embroidered Crewel Fabric Basket

Embroidered Crewel Fabric Basket

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Introducing our Embroidered Crewel Fabric Basket - a stunning fusion of form and function. Measuring approximately 7.5 inches in height and diameter (19.05 cm), this exquisite piece is crafted from rescued off-cuts of high-quality cotton furnishing fabric, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

The intricate Crewel design, embroidered with precision, adds an artistic touch that elevates the basket's elegance. The faux leather straps enhance its durability and serve as a beautiful contrast to the fabric.

This versatile basket is perfect for storing an array of items, from craft tools, knitting, and sewing supplies to fresh fruit, small toys, hand towels, and toiletries. Its unique design also makes it a charming plant container, bringing a touch of greenery to any space.

Inside, a foam inter-lining ensures the basket retains its shape. Embrace eco-friendly living with this functional piece, where sustainability meets style. Add a touch of artistry to your organization and make a positive impact on the environment with our Embroidered Crewel Fabric Basket

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