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Bold Harlequin Handmade Cushion Cover | 18-Inch Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Decor

Bold Harlequin Handmade Cushion Cover | 18-Inch Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Decor

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Enhance your living space with our eye-catching, limited-edition handmade cushion cover. Measuring 18 inches square (approximately 46 x 46 cm), this cover features a dynamic, multi-coloured harlequin print that instantly brightens any room with its bold and fun pattern. Crafted from high-quality upholstery fabric off-cuts, this cushion cover not only adds style but also promotes sustainability by reducing textile waste.

The durable zip closure ensures easy insertion and removal of cushion pads. For an irresistibly plump and inviting look, we recommend using a 20-inch (about 51 x 51 cm) cushion pad. Alternatively, for those committed to environmental conservation, reusing an existing cushion pad is a wonderful way to update your decor sustainably.

This vibrant cushion cover is also designed for easy care, being machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, which helps maintain its beautiful appearance without excessive energy consumption. Ideal for anyone looking to infuse their home with colour while supporting eco-friendly practices, this handmade cushion cover makes a significant impact both aesthetically and environmentally.

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