Handmade Coin Purses

Fabric Phone Sleeves & Coin Purses

Welcome to the cozy collection of Handmade Fabric Phone Socks and Purses. They're lovingly designed and sewn from offcuts and those pieces of fabric that are too small for larger items, but are still full of character.

The fabric coin purses are here to keep your change safe, sure, but they're also pretty nifty for holding onto those small but important things like charging cables and earbuds.

Need a discreet place to stash your sanitary essentials? Look no further. The fabric storage purses have got you covered, making organization simple and stylish.

And don't forget about your phone. It deserves a snug and stylish place to rest, and fabric phone socks and sleeves are just the ticket.

Add a touch of handmade charm and warmth to your everyday essentials and sustainable creativity in the palm of your hands.

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Thanks for stopping by and exploring these handmade fabric purses and phone socks.

It's a pleasure to offer you these practical, yet charming pieces that not only make everyday life a bit more organized but also contribute to a sustainable future. Each purchase breathes new life into materials that were once overlooked. So, here's to celebrating creativity, embracing sustainability, and adding a splash of handcrafted charm to your life!!